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Glauco srl
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S.O. Loc. S. Nicola
88068 Soverato (CZ)
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VAT number: 00218500791

The present Rules, the price list and the available services, are brought to the attention of the Customers upon arrival and are posted at the entrance of the structure and inside the village.
The entry and the relative stay in our structure are valid as acceptance without reservation of the norms contained in the present Regulations, Beach Regulations and Beach Regulations of Thomas.
Our structure is organized as follows:



Thomas Beach (Beach for the animals)

Open Bar



All the rules shown here apply to all areas of the complex.

     1. Primary Standard.
             a) All customers are equal and are entitled to the same treatment. Equality should be understood as a prohibition on any unjustified discrimination, and not on the contrary, as a uniformity of the services that are often adapted to the needs of each client.
             b) The entrance to the beach and the reservation request implies acceptance and full compliance with these regulations, so before deciding whether to stay please carefully review the price list, timetables and internal rules.
     2. Right to Expulsion.
The management informs that within the beach the regulation is prescriptive and as a consequence makes it known that anyone who does not respect it or behaves in such a way as to cause damage or disturbance, will be invited to immediately leave the accommodation complex. In case of repetition of the infractions, the guest becomes unwanted and the management reserves the right not to admit it in the future.
Within the village, behavior appropriate to community life is required and entry into our structure involves the acceptance and observance of these Regulations.
The defaulters will be immediately removed.

     3. Schedules
Reception Hours
             a) Reception is open from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm
             b) The use of beach services takes place exclusively during the opening hours of the beach club from 09:00 to 19:00
             c) After 19:00 no access to the establishment and use of beach furniture is allowed to use the beach services that are necessarily terminated.

     4. Reservations
         4.1. Reservation beach sheds
             a) The reservation can be made only on line using the appropriate section of the website www. glaucobeachclub.it or directly at the facility.
             b) The reservation request is confirmed upon payment of the deposit equal to 50% of the booking amount including additional attendance and services.
             c) The balance of the price must be paid upon arrival at the facility.
             d) If the booking is made within a few days of the beginning of the stay, the deposit must be paid by choosing a payment method that guarantees payment to Glauco srl before the start date of stay. Otherwise it will not be considered a valid booking and the prices of the current price list will be applied and any payments that will be credited after the start date will be considered as down payments.
             e) At the beginning and at the end of the season some services may be reduced or not working according to the number of presences.
             f) Any delay in arrival above 12.00 of the day following the scheduled date or failure to give prior notice will result in immediate termination, with the right of Glauco srl. to retain the deposit, subject to compensation for damages.

     5. Assignment of the reservation.
The reservation is personal and can not be transferred by the customer to third parties for any reason or reason.

     6. Withdrawal Right.
The customer can at any time give up the reservation, giving notice in writing to Glauco Beach Club.

The cancellation involves the retention by Glauco srl of the amount of the booking of the stay, in the following measures:

• 30% of the amount of the booking of the stay, if the cancellation occurs between the reservation date and the 60th day before the start date of the stay;
                • 70% of the amount of the booking of the stay, if the cancellation occurs between the 59th and the 11th day before the start date of the stay;
                • 100% of the amount of the booking of the stay, if the cancellation occurs from the 9th day onwards.

The refund will be made within 60 days from the date of cancellation of the reservation.

     7. (CHECK-IN) Beach Shed.
         7.1. Capannine Beach:
             a) Check-in is from 8.00 am to 1.00 pm and must be done on the first day of possession of the shed
             b) Upon arrival, all guests or visitors are required to pay the remainder of any booking or, in case they are presented directly in the structure, to deposit a deposit equal to 100% of the expected days of stay. >              c) Guests of users of the sheds will not be able to use the internal parking, subject to availability, at the discretion of the management, upon payment of the scheduled rate.
             d) In the case of a large number of guests per capannina, the management reserves the right to limit the entrance to the guests
             e) The management reserves the right to take all measures considered appropriate for identifying customers at the entrance of the structure and during their stay (magnetic cards, bracelets, etc ...).
             f) The arrival and occupation of huts in a number of people above the maximum number is not permitted. Failure to comply with the above will result in the removal of defaulting guests, without any refund for any amount paid.
             g) You can not bring your own beach equipment (beach umbrellas, deck chairs, sun beds, etc.) into the establishment and any other equipment that is different from the one already present in the bathing establishment and supplied.
             h) You can not introduce food and / or drinks right in the factory and / or under the sheds or on the beach unlike the one that can be purchased inside the structure.
             i) The customer is responsible for the beach furnishings that are delivered to him when they are used (such as sheds, umbrellas, deck chairs, chairs, sunbeds of any kind) and therefore is responsible for the mismanagement or use of the same in the period (even daily) in which it uses the aforementioned furnishings.
             j) The customer must therefore use the bathing facilities and furnishings, taking care not to damage them, under penalty of reimbursement of the damage suffered by the aforementioned furnishings and equipment.
             k) The customer must promptly inform the lifeguard of the establishment of any malfunction of beach furniture.
             l) The use of the services offered can only take place during the opening hours of the beach from the gold 09.00 to 19.00 and is subject to the advance payment of the amounts corresponding to the services requested, according to the rates set out in the price list in force.
             m) The lifeguard service is guaranteed from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm with interruption from 1.30 pm to 2.30 pm.
             n) The accommodation on the beach is cared exclusively by the staff of the beach.
             o) The raised red flag indicates danger for bathing; therefore it is forbidden to cross the buoys that delimit the safe waters.
             p) Animals of any kind can not be brought to the beach, even if they have a muzzle or leash, with the exception of guide dogs. Thomas Beach is dedicated to those who wish to bring their four-legged friends to the beach.
             q) It is forbidden to move deckchairs or beds from one shed to another.
             r) Minors are allowed only if accompanied by adults who take formal responsibility towards them. Children under the age of 12 must always be supervised by their parents and can not be removed independently, thus remaining always in a visual ray from them.
             s) Games on the beach or inside the structure are forbidden to cause shouting or to annoy and disturb other guests of the structure and games with the ball are absolutely forbidden.

     8. (CHECK-OUT)
         8.1. Capannine Beach:
             a) Customers have the obligation to leave the free shed by 7.00 pm on the day of departure.

         9.1. Parking.
             a) Access to the car park is restricted to only authorized cars and with the relevant badge displayed visibly.
             b) Il Glauco Beach Club reserves the right at its sole discretion to have access to the car park outside the structure upon payment for the parking fee as per the current price list.
             c) Parking is not guarded and is without insurance coverage. The rate is due exclusively for the sole occupation of the land owned by Glauco srl. Cars can enter only if authorized by the management following the payment of the agreed fare. Each vehicle parked in such a way as to clutter the access roads or occupying more than one parking space because badly positioned, can be removed by specialized firms (charging the cost to the owners of the same) without prior notice.
             d) The admitted car will be equipped with a special pass to be positioned visibly on the dashboard; in case of non-compliance the pass will be withdrawn and with it the right to access the parking lot. Cars without a pass can not access the campsite and, if found inside, will be removed and taken outside to the unattended area at the owners' expense, with no responsibility for any damage caused.
             e) It is also obligatory to check that your car does not pollute the soil with losses of liquids and oil.
             f) It is not permitted to deposit trailers for boats or anything else in any area of ​​the structure.
             g) The motorbikes / motorbikes of the guests must be parked in the area designated for them. Guests are not permitted to occupy the car park with them.

         9.2. Common Spaces.
             a) The use of the common areas is allowed to the users of the bathing establishment in compliance with the rules of good civil life and in particular: Inside the structure it is forbidden:
             b) Laying beds, or lying down on the ground in the squares and streets, in places open to the public passage, and in the public space in front of the commercial activities;
             c) Consume meals in public places, except for specially equipped areas;
             d) Execute dejections or spit in public places or open to the public or visible from these places;
             e) Circulate or park vehicles inside lawns and green areas, posters or flyers to trees, road signs or other camping facilities, write on walls or smear them, or otherwise damage the vegetation and the camping properties and customers;
             f) Throw cigarettes or chewed gums, or leave the waste outside the appropriate containers;
             g) Leave bicycles and other unguarded items to get in the way or placed on street furniture, poles, street lamps, trees or road signs.              h) Climb or climb on poles, trees, monuments, signage or other camping properties;
             i) Use boards (skating-board), bicycles, scooters or similar on paved areas in front of commercial activities and in "piazzetta"
             j) Prohibited playing football, tennis, running or otherwise in the square, on the paved areas, in the bar and restaurant areas, on the streets, in the streets, and around the pitches or bungalows
             k) In the flowerbeds and in the green areas picking flowers, causing damage to the plants or their supports, walking on the grassy areas, damaging them, spoiling public facilities anyway.
             l) Damaging the plants and equipment of the camp site as well as pouring salty liquids or waste onto the ground,
             m) Lighting outdoor fires.
             n) Depositing wastes that have not been previously stored in special well-closed plastic bags before being placed in the bins and moving the collection bins from the assigned position.
             o) Incorrect and incorrect use of common toilets (children must be supervised by adults);

On the beach and in the bathing establishment it is forbidden:

On the beach and in the bathing establishment it is forbidden:

             a) Throw cigarette butts or cards but you need to use the appropriate waste bins.
             b) Lighting fires on the beach; transgressors of this provision will be notified to the competent authorities of P.S .;
             c) It is not allowed to introduce in the factory portable refrigerators or similar or thermal bags or similar food containers.
             d) It is not allowed to eat meals on the beach, except for small drinks such as small scones, toasts, small sandwiches and in any case small mini portions.
             e) The waste must be stored in the appropriate containers. It is also forbidden to deposit waste bags temporarily anywhere else.
             f) From 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm it is forbidden to keep on any sound system that may cause disturbance.
             g) Playing football, tennis, beach tennis, or other in the area of ​​responsibility of Glauco srl. The offenders will be directly responsible for any damage to things or people by relieving Glauco srl of any responsibility.

     10. Waste Assignment
In addition to what is established in the previous articles, it is forbidden to place in the bins and containers provided for:
             a) Hazardous waste
             b) Special non-hazardous waste not declared urban
             c) Hazardous urban waste
             d) Urban waste for the conferment of special joints
             e) The collection service (such as for example bulky waste) or separate waste collection
             f) Tertiary packaging waste
             g) Of materials in the liquid state
             h) It is forbidden for users of the service to overturn, move or damage in any way the bins and / or bins, which must be closed after use.
             i) It is also forbidden to write writings on the bins or to place on them materials of any kind and size (posters, stickers) except as expressly authorized.
11. Disinfestation.
Periodically, a disinfestation against mosquitoes is carried out. The products used are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and do not cause damage to things and to the health of people and animals.

     12. Dogs & cats.
             a) Inside the Glauco Beach Club pets are allowed but we reserve the right not to accept those breeds defined dangerous as listed in the list of dog breeds published in the official gazette n. 10 of 13 January 2007: american bulldog; sheepdog; greenhouse dog from extreme; Doberman; Dogo Argentino; row brazileirr, Neapolitan mastiff; perro; pit bull; rafeiro do alentejo; rottweiler; tosa inu. For more details, see the rules of the Thomas Beach.
     13. Behavior In The Event Of Fire Or Other Emergency.
         13.1. In the event of a fire
In the event of a serious fire, customers will have to reach in good order the "temporary collection" points indicated by plants placed in various points of the campsite, where they will wait for the emergency team that will lead them to the general collection point at the entrance to the accommodation facility.
         13.2. In case other emergencies
Sanitary, serious natural events, public safety situations, inconveniences by sea: contact the camp staff if available or consult the information board at the entrance where all the telephone numbers for requesting help are shown.

     14. Personal effects.
Every guest in the bathhouse is required to keep his personal belongings. The management is not liable for any loss or theft of the same nor for any damage to the equipment of customers.
In particular, Glauco srl is excluded from any responsibility for the custody, possession, loss, subtraction of any garment, material, personal impact of value and not the customers of the plant can leave in the bar area. restaurant, services, caravan, pitch, car or under the umbrella.
The beach service offered by the establishment does not intend to include the service of custody and surveillance of the personal effects of individual customers who will therefore be the sole responsible of the aforementioned custody excluding from now any and all liability Glauco srl or its employees. />

15. Responsibility.
Glauco s.r.l .. does not answer for damages to people and / or things, caused by:
             a) Conduct of other guests;
             b) natural disasters hail, thunderstorms, poisoned, tornadoes, floods, and as a consequence of these, fall of plants, branches, and / or pine cones.
             c) Any other cause that does not depend on gross negligence or willful misconduct of employees or management;

It declines other yes any kind of responsibility for damages to people and / or things deriving from:

             d) Sudden interruption or failure to supply gas and / or water and / or electricity.
             e) The management reserves the right to remove or remove from third parties (debiting the cost), any private facility or equipment is detected, dangerous during or following exceptional weather or fire, even in the absence of the owners and without notice to them .
             f) The customers and / or their guests are personally responsible towards the Glauco campsite and / or third parties for any damage to persons and / or things, direct and / or indirect, for any reason caused as a result of conduct undertaken in violation of rules of the present contract and / or other regulations in force as applicable.
             g) The violation of the prohibitions referred to in the previous articles, unless otherwise indicated, will result in the obligation to pay Glauco BeachClub, as a penalty clause, a sum of 50.00 euros for each violation; Glauco srl's right to compensation for major damage remains unresolved.
             h) The reiteration of the aforementioned prohibitions implies the immediate termination of the residence contract, with the obligation of the client and his guests to leave the accommodation upon receipt of the communication of resolution, as well as, as a penalty clause, to pay the consideration of the entire stay booked, even if the one enjoyed is less, with Glauco srl's right to retain the deposit up to the satisfaction of its credit reasons, and to be compensated for the greater damage.
         16.1. Right of Retention.
Glauco srl reserves the right to retain the right of vehicles and / or equipment in case of non-payment by customers.
         16.2. Variations
Any change to the provision of the service that does not conflict with the rules of this contract is made public by posting it on the appropriate notice board located at the entrance of the structure.
Any changes authorized for a single customer are communicated to this in writing, which must be presented at the simple request of the staff of the accommodation. This exception does not constitute a source of equivalent rights in favor of third parties.
         16.3. Disputes
This contract is subject to Italian law and for any interpretation pertaining to what is stated or for what is not provided, reference is made to national, regional and municipal law, and in the absence of customs and habits.
In the event of legal action, the place of jurisdiction is Catanzaro
         16.4. Closing Clauses
  Possible tolerances by Glauco srl, referring to the conduct of the customers, and / or their guests who are in violation with the provisions of this contract, do not constitute a waiver of the relative rights that are due to them on the basis of the same clauses. > In the event that any contractual clause, for whatever reason, does not comply with mandatory provisions of law, the same will be ineffective, without prejudice to the validity of the remaining clauses.
This contract constitutes the complete manifestation of all the agreements between the parties and exhausts the discipline of their rights and obligations for what concerns the object of the agreement itself. Any previous and different written and oral agreement, both between the parties and towards third parties, regarding the present contract, is to be considered canceled and deprived of its effect.
For any changes to the terms and conditions of this contract, the written form is required, under penalty of nullity.
         16.5. Subsequent Changes.
Glauco srl reserves the right to modify this regulation following causes and / or regulations imposed by the authorities such as: public security, region, province, municipality, az. Uses, etc ... and / or causes dictated by common sense and civil cohabitation .

  Beach Regulations 2017 V0

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