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     1. Each dog can access the beach only if identified with a microchip or if tattooed; The owner or holder must therefore always have the vaccination booklet in hand and show it to the authorized personnel on simple request. Dogs without a microchip, tattoo or vaccination booklet or with expired vaccinations will not be able to access our facility. It is therefore necessary for owners or keepers, for the benefit of people and their animals, to submit them to periodic vaccination prophylaxis against the main infectious diseases (distemper, leptospirosis and parvovirus) and prophylaxis against the main infestive diseases (parasites), avoiding bring to the beach dogs with cardiovascular diseases.

    2. Each owner or keeper is responsible for his / her dog: it is a good rule to be insured as it is the sole responsibility of the owner to respond to any and all moral and material damage to people, the structure or his guests in general.

    3. The owner or keeper must also carry a rigid or soft muzzle to be applied to the dog in case of risk for the safety of people or animals at the request of our staff or the competent authorities. The dog on the beach will be kept on a leash, no more than 2 meters long and will be properly secured so that he can not move away from the assigned hut on his own. The dogs, for no reason, can be left unattended and free to roam.

    4. The owner or keeper must take care that the dog can not reach the neighboring subjects; It must also place a bowl with water that is always present and accessible to the animal to whom it must be given the possibility of sheltering in the shade.

    5. Any solid debris must be removed and deposited in the appropriate waste container, while the liquid dejections must be washed and washed with abundant sea water, by the owner of the animal. Collecting the excrements of your dog is mandatory: if the staff becomes aware of a default the offender will be immediately removed from the beach.

    6. The area intended for bathing dogs is included in the water mirror in front of the equipped beach area and is limited with suitable and clearly visible floating equipment. Dogs taken to the bathroom must be immediately reassured on a leash at the end of the bath; during the stay in water the dogs must always be assured the presence of the owner or holder.

    7. Access to the sea is allowed without time or time limitations from 9.00 to 19.00. It will be the responsibility of the beach staff to limit their entry in case of overcrowding of the delimited water mirror.

    8. As far as possible, the owner or keeper must avoid prolonged barking, the continuous barking and excessively lively behavior of his dog; vice versa will be invited to get away from the beach.

    9. The staff, at their sole discretion and on simple request, can remove any source of disturbance from the beach or behaviors that are not appropriate.

    10. Access is however forbidden to animals with aggressive syndrome and females in heat.

    11. Every two hours or so the carer is required to take the dog out of the structure, along the municipal road, for a walk.

    12. The staff establishes which umbrella to assign to the family with the dog and has the right to make any move should be considered appropriate for the good provision of the service. Each umbrella can not be occupied by more than 4 people and 2 small / medium-sized (<20kg) or 1 large-sized (> 20kg) dogs

13. In case of non-compliance with this regulation, the offender will be invited to leave the factory. The Management, in the event of non-compliance with rules required by law (for example, lack of microchip, non-compliance with the obligations for dangerous dogs, etc.), reserves the right to contact the competent administrative and health authorities (Local Police, veterinary ASP ).

    14. You can not run or play with balls and / or rackets in the middle of the sector and on the shoreline to avoid disturbing and shaking the dogs. Being a private beach, it is not possible to use and install sunblinds or sun chairs in the sector and in front of the beach to have free access to dogs in the water.

    15. There may not be more than 3 dogs in the chase area at the same time. It must be avoided in any case that dogs use it for their needs and however, if it should happen, remember the collection obligation as per art. n. 5 of the regulation.

    16. The true customers of the beach of Thomas are our 4-legged friends, therefore the human companions are considered only the guests who accompany their dog. This means that it is not possible to occupy a shed if you are not accompanied by your dog. In the unfortunate event that during a prolonged stay the dog was not in the physical condition to come to the beach for more than a day, the companions are obliged to bring the medical certificate of the veterinarian indicating the sick days or they will not be able to access the gazebo.

    17. For the use of the equipped beach the reservation is obligatory by calling in advance the number 0967 25533.

2017 Regulations v0

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